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Crisis Management and Security Solutions - from the Summit to the Sea

KNB International started out as a small business, providing various solutions to authorities and medium size business. Understanding the complexity and facets of a dire situation, KNB  International further specialised in Emergency and Crisis Management. The Brand KNB Tactical focuses on operational and tactical solutions. Together, KNB International and Tactical can solve every crisis - no matter when or where. You won't need a Plan B.


Emergency Management

Emergencies occur everywhere, all the time. KNB International offers tailor made solutions for Enterprises, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, and Institutions.

Crisis Management

A crisis usually comes unexpected.

KNB International offers preparatory solutions and advises you before, during, or after a crisis.

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KNB Tactical offers operational security consultation to Authorities, Institutions and Entities that operate in high risk areas.


For Authorities and Organisations, KNB Tactical provides tactical solutions and training in complex environments.

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